Reformation Summary

The Reformation is said to have started, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Roman Catholic door in Wittenburg Germany, in 1517. Before Martin Luther, there were other reformers, such as: Jan Hus, Peter Waldo, and John Wycliffe. Martin Luther though, is one of the main Reformers of them all.

The printing press helped pass the reformers beliefs and views faster across Europe. By printing them on paper, publishing books and printing the bible in several different languages.

The 5 Solae are the beliefs of the Reformers. Solae means “Alone”. The five Solaes are: First: Sola scriptura – “Scripture alone”. Second: Sola fide – “Faith alone”. Third: Sola gratia – “Grace alone”. Fourth: Sola Christus – “through faith alone”. Last of all: Sola Deo Gloria – “To God be the Glory”. These are the five Silae, both in Latin and English.

The Catholic Church of course, was not at all happy. With the Protestant movement. They tried putting a stop to it, by calling the Council of Trent and organized a counter reformation movement. They convened three separate times, between 1545 and 1563. This movement included four parts: the first is, Ecclesiastical or structural reconfiguration. The second part was, Religious orders. The third part was: Spiritual movements and last: Political dimensions.

Though the Catholic church tried to put a stop to this movement. The movement kept on going and spread throughout Europe.




Ulrich Zwingli

Ulrich Zwingli was born 1484, on New Years day. In Wildhaus, Switzerland. He was the son of a Peasant. He got his early education from His Uncle Bartholomew, who was a pastor of Wildhaus until 1487 and subsequently became pastor and dean of Wesen on the Walensee. Later Ulrich almost became a Dominican Monk but declined it and continued on with his education at the University of Vienna.

In 1506 he graduated and became a Priest in Glarus. When he was at the university he had studied Greek and Hebrew. He also kept in touch with Erasmus.

later Zwingli moved to Einsiedeln because when he served as a chaplain to the Swiss Army, he didn’t like the way that Switzerland set up some things and hostile relations between him and the army made him move away.

Ulrich joined the reformation and published 67 Artikel, which was a list of disagreements that he had with the Catholic church. The document was published in 1523. This document though was more of a theology of life, than disagreements but it was pointed in that direction.

Ulrich said that he got all his teachings from his interpretation of the Bible and later worked on putting the bible into his own language.

Ulrich tried to institute his reforms with care but some of his group that followed him grew impatient and accused Ulrich of not being committed to the reforms of the church. These people formed a group of their own called the “Anabaptists”. Today they still exist, they are now Amish and Mennonite people.

In 1522 Ulrich married Anna Reinhard. It is said they had a secret marriage and that she was a widow of high standing in the community. Two years later he married her publicly on April 2, 1524. Ulrich had seven children, three Anna Reinhard had before Ulrich married her.

Later Ulrich joined again the Swiss troops as their chaplain but was killed at the battle of Kappel, He died in 1531.

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Why you need to drink Water.

Water is very important, in fact it is even more important than food. You can go days without food but water you can only go three days.

Most of your body is made up of water and throughout the day you lose that water by doing a number of things. So you need to keep filling it back up.

Now why do we need to do this. Number one: your body will slowly stop functioning right. Especially your brain. Your brain needs water in order for you to; move and think. Your brain is 76 percent water, your muscles are 75 percent water, your blood is 82 percent water, and your lungs are 90 percent water.

Water can do so many things for you. It can help with, arthritis, back pains, migraines, asthma, and it can also help with  high blood pressure. There is a whole list of things it can help you with but you can also drink to much water. So here is a good way to get the right amount of water each day. First see how much you weigh. Divide that number in half and that number is how many ounces of water you should drink. Now if you drink a little over its not going to hurt you any, especially if you are exercising or sweating a lot. You should drink more water. 


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Sugar makes you gain weight.

Sugar is in a lot of things we eat but that does not mean that it is good for you. Sugar can cause a lot of problems. One you can gain weight by eating sugar. There are a lot of other problems but I am just going to list one.

One of the reasons why sugar makes you gain weight is, it makes you even more hungry and makes you eat more. Especially sodas and juices. That is why it is good to drink water before, in the middle and after you eat. Now I’m not saying you can’t ever eat any sweets but just as long as it is a special treat every once in awhile and not every day.

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Wild Honey

Now before I tell you how good Honey is for you, first I must tell you where it comes from.

Now honey comes from Bees, who make it. They go out from the Hive and collect nectar from flowers and plants. They swallow the nectar into their stomachs and carry it back to the hive. While that nectar was in their stomachs, the bee’s stomachs produce Glucose and Fructose which gets into the nectar, turning it into Honey. When back at the hive, the Bee spits out the honey. I know its sounds disgusting but it really is delicious.

Honey is good for you in so many ways; because inside the bees stomach is digestive enzymes and the plants where they get the nectar from, have a lot of minerals and vitamins.

Wild Honey can help heal, wounds, burns, ulcers, infections, colds and even the flu. This is just a few of the things though that wild honey is good for. One of the ways you can take honey is if you put it in: ginger juice, lime juice and what I do is, I make some herb tea and put cayenne pepper in it and then pour some honey in it to make it sweeter and easier to drink the cayenne. It does get some getting use to though.

Now before I end this essay, I just wanted to tell what type of Honey to get. One you should not get the stuff at the local store. The store honey has all sorts of bad things in it and they pasteurize it as well. So the best honey for you to get would be pure natural Honey with nothing added. I hear thought the best honey is, manuka honey from New Zealand but if you can’t get that honey just get some local honey from some farmers in your area.

7th grade Science Lesson 80.

Why you need Enzymes

Enzymes are very important , they are in vegetables and meat. You need them to help you digest your food and without them you cannot do hardly anything. Your body does produce Enzymes naturally but if you are eating the wrong foods, it does not help your stomach and basically your body decreases of its Enzymes. That is why you need to eat vegetables and meat.

Processed food does not have Enzymes and has a lot of other ingredients, that are not good for you. It is important that you eat the right foods.

When eating Vegetables it is best not to cook  them but if you want to cook them, the best way would be to steam them. The reason why you should steam them is, it helps keep the Enzymes in the vegetables but when you fry them it takes them away but it still does have a lot of nutrients in them but wouldn’t have as many Enzymes.

Now with meat even if you cook them they still have a lot of nutrients in it. Some say it is best to eat it raw but either way I think it will be just fine to eat it cooked.

7th grade Science, essay.

How to get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is very important to your health. Especially of you are sick. When you sleep your body heals but without sleep it is very difficult for your body to heal. In this essay I will give you some tips to help you sleep better.

Number one: don’t be on electronics all day or even a for a couple of  hours. Especially before bed time. Electronics are have bright light coming from it and you look at it all the time. You see when your brain sees that it is getting darker, it triggers your body to start relaxing and to get ready for bed but if you are continually looking at light your brain doesn’t send that signal and it doesn’t start to relax and prepare for sleep. That’s why it is good for you not to be on electronic maybe an hour or two before bed time.

Number two: go to bed early, not around 12 or 11 o clock at night. I have heard that the hours before midnight that you sleep are the most important than the hours after midnight. You will sleep much better and feel much better in the morning.

Number three: make sure when you go to sleep that all light are turned of or covered. Even your clock light should be covered; because even just a little light can disturb your sleep.

Number four: keep your room temperature around 60- 68 degrees. It is the best temperature to sleep in. I would 100 percent agree with this, It would be very hard for me to sleep in temperatures over 70 degrees.

The last one is how many hours is the best to sleep. For new born babies it is quite a bit 14-17 hours, infants 12-15, toddlers 11-14, preschoolers 10-13 hours, school age 9-11 hours, teenagers 8-10 hours, young adults 7-9 hours, adults 7-9 hours and last of all seniors 7-8 hours of sleep.

I hope this essay has helped you, maybe even just a little.

Science essay, lesson 61, 7th grade.

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